Casmika Saputra

Analytical Instrumentation – Aerosol Science – Applied Physics




About Me

Fast Learner, Loyal, Integrity and Diligence

Casmika Saputra received the Bachelor of Science in Physics from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, in 2016 and the Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Physics, from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, in 2018 and 2022, respectively.

He is a lecturer at the Department of Engineering Physics, School of Electrical Engineering, Telkom University.

His research interests include physics instrumentation & analytical instrumentation (optical spectrometer, electrical aerosol spectrometer, mass & ion spectrometer), instrumentation for material (current-voltage measurement, porometer, water flux, contact angle measurement, spinning drop tensiometer, aerosol filtration test, etc.), aerosol science and technology (atmospheric aerosol measurement, aerosol instrumentation, aerosol generator, and spectrometer, air pollution & control, ion spectrometer), instrumentation for early warning system (tsunami, earthquake, volcano, landslide, flood), telemetry & control, sensing materials and sensors, data logging and internet of thing (IoT), instrumentation for Education, bio-aerosol, bio-engineering, and artificial intelligence.

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